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Site Statistics

Increasingly recognised as the most important resource for business people in Kwazulu-Natal; Kwazulu-Natal Business News is respected and highly ranked by Google for the following keywords: "Business in Kwazulu-Natal", "Kwazulu-Natal Business News", "Kwazulu-Natal News", "Trade Leads in Kwazulu-Natal", "Tender listings in Kwazulu-Natal", "Trade Offers in the Kwazulu-Natal", "Kwazulu-Natal Trade leads". Many of these phrases are ranked No.1 on Google too.

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Sections include News, Trade, Tenders, Motoring and Jobs.


South African traffic is 89%

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SME’s to bigger corporations. Readers include top-level decision makers, business owners, senior managers and local and international traders.

Traffic Advertisers can bank on over 600 site impressions ROS per month and the site receives over 190 unique visitors per month. (Statistics from Google Analytics)

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